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Heroic Beer List - Craft Beer Express
Brewery Spotlight
Saturday, April 22
11:00 - 6:00 pm
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Get tickets to ride the $10 Craft Beer Express Bus ALL DAY and stop at 11 participating venues. We will be pairing 10 of our favorite super heroes with their favorite German beers! Powers of good and evil will be fighting it out on the big screen in the back all day and staff will be dressed in costume and are encouraged. 


Be a SUPER HERO for the day!! Both Super Heroes and Villains are welcome to participate in our Liter Lift Competition for prizes awarded based on length of time.

The concept behind the Craft Beer Express is simple. A handful of Philly bar owners wanted to share their love of beer with people who appreciate a fine brew as much as they do. What better way than a pub "bus" crawl?!


Other Participants Include:
The Institute
Bishop's Collar
City Tap House (Logan)
The P.O.P.E.
Devil's Den
Whetstone Tavern 
Race Street Café
The Cambridge
The Abbaye
St. Stephens

718 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

Magic Hat Circus/Zirkus Boy Night

Brewery Spotlight
Grey Lodge Pub
Wednesday, December 31 7:00pm
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Philly Beer Week: Evil Genius Evil Quizzo

Fun and Games, Brewery Spotlight, Local Beer
Hop Angel Brauhaus
Wednesday, December 31 7:00pm
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Wheels of Wayne with Firestone Walker

Suburbs, Brewery Spotlight
Teresa's Next Door
Sunday, April 30 11:00am
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