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Philly Beer Week: Beer'd Science with Evil Genius & Smutty Nose
Fun and Games, Local Beer
Friday, June 2
6:00 - 9:00 pm
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Join us as we drop mad science for Philly Beer Week.



Beers from the Smuttynose and Evil Genius beer vaults, science experiments in the back, and more!



Evil Genius Ermahgerd Raspberries

Evil Genius Ma! The Meatloaf!

Evil Genius Stacy's Mom IPA

Smuttynose Hatchling #1 Evolving IPA

Smuttynose Peach Short Weisse

Smuttynose Summer IPA




6235 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Battle of the SnowMonsters on tap

Local Beer, Food Pairing
The Belgian Cafe
Wednesday, January 17 7:17am
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Happy Hour

Local Beer, Suburbs, Brewery Spotlight
Wednesday, January 17 4:00pm
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Beer School at the Bottle Shop at Local 44

Special Guest, Fun and Games, Brewery Spotlight
Local 44
Wednesday, January 17 5:00pm
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