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Poppin' Wheelies with Evil Genius
Fun and Games
Sunday, June 4
2:00 - 4:00 pm
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Fan of racing? daytona 500 get your engine goin'? do you know who jeff gordon is? neither do we but we found some big wheels in Andrew Mardi's parents basement and decided to dust them off for a few laps around the beer garden. come make a fool of your 6'5" self on a childs toy without spilling your Evil Genius draft all over yourself. 

Other Breweries
Evil Genius
1311 Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA

Beer School at the Bottle Shop at Local 44

Special Guest, Fun and Games, Brewery Spotlight
Local 44
Wednesday, January 17 5:00pm
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Suburbs, Fun and Games, Local Beer
Thursday, January 18 7:30pm
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Bickel Brothers (LIVE @ La Cabra)

Local Beer, Fun and Games, Special Guest
La Cabra Brewing
Saturday, January 20 8:30pm
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