Texas Derby with Austin Eastciders and Tito's Vodka
Brewery Spotlight, Fun and Games
Saturday, May 6
4:00 - 8:00 pm
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Event Details
 Featuring new Blood Orange Cider and other Austin Eastcider flavors; Cider cocktails made with Tito's Vodka; Derby Hat Contest, Buy a Cider and Pick a Horse competition with PRIZES!!!
1308 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA

Happy Hour

Local Beer, Suburbs, Brewery Spotlight
Wednesday, August 23 4:00pm
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Weekday Happy Hour

Food Pairing, Brewery Spotlight, Local Beer
Wednesday, August 23 5:00pm
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Boardgames & Beer

Fun and Games, Local Beer, Suburbs
Naked Brewing Company
Wednesday, August 23 6:00pm
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