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Wheels of Wayne with Firestone Walker
Suburbs, Brewery Spotlight
Sunday, April 30
11:00 - 4:00 pm
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The "Wheels of Wayne" is the annual car show on North Wayne Ave (our street). This year, Firestone Walker is helping us get in the racing spirit with a race track at Teresa's Cafe! Swing in, have a few beers, and challenge your friends to a race around our track with remote control cars. Winner of each race gets a free pint and the overall winner gets a free case of Firestone Walker to take home with them.



Weekday Happy Hour

Local Beer, Food Pairing, Brewery Spotlight
Monday, October 23 5:00pm
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D9 Brewing Company

Brewery Spotlight
Devil's Den
Monday, October 23 6:00pm
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Beerlesque - Full Front Street Burlesque

Festival, Brewery Spotlight, Fun and Games
Monday, October 23 9:00pm
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