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Christina Dowd - Director

Looking to get more info or be involved with Philly Loves Beer?
I love meetings, conference calls & email threads - kidding, lets meet for a beer and chat! Email Christina! 

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FAQ about using our website 


Both your username and password are CASE SENSITIVE. If you are having an impossible time logging in, this may be the problem. 


What is your "local beer" area?

Philadelphia and 100 miles from City hall in PA, Burlington County and south in New Jersey, and New Castle County in Deleware.

I registered for an account. I don’t see it on the website.

You need to create a venue that the public can see. Think of the account as your admin portal and the venue as your publically viewable information. All participants will create a venue, even breweries. This is so your address, phone number, website, Facebook page info is all viewable.  Without a venue, you can’t create events. 

What’s a venue exactly?

A physical location. This can be a bar, restaurant, museum, beer garden, brewpub…  For the purposes of signing up, if you are a brewery, use that package.

I can’t figure out how to log in.

The LOGIN button is at the bottom of the home page. Scroll down.

How do I reset my password?

Click LOGIN. The window that opens offers you an option to reset.

I’m a bar owner. I want to create an event. How do I do this?

After you have created your venues (let’s just say you own three bars), log in. The next screen is your portal. Click “New Event.” Add details and images, select the event category (it defaults to Festival). Select a venue from you’re your drop-down list. Tag Philly Beer Week breweries that will be a part of your event as “Featured.”  You can add other breweries below this. 

I want use my social media benefits. How do I do this?

YES! You make a request using this form.


I’m a brewpub but my listing is only showing up as under Breweries. I want to host events at my pub too. Help.

Okay. There’s a little internal magic we need to perform on our end, so send us an email and we’ll straighten it out.


None of this helped.

Well then, feel free to email us with your specific question.

You need an account to do that Set up an account Never Mind

Please register for an account first. If you already have one, log in here.