Scoats has a split personality about craft beer these days. After 20+ years in the biz, sometimes he’s a grumpy old man. Other times he’s still the passionate beer nerd he was 20+ years ago. Here you get a dose of both.

Grumpy Old Man: Brut IPA

Brut IPAs, seriously WTF. I remember 20+ years ago when Bud Dry and other dry beers were all the rage. Beer with no aftertaste! Yay!

What? Who would want to give up ⅓ of the flavors of beer? Turns out not that many, as all of those Dry beers are a distant memory to old farts like me, and a “huh” to everyone else.

Above I wrote that “dry beers were all the rage”. Well, they were less the rage as the then latest macro beer bandwagon. Macro beer bandwagon trends would come at predictable intervals with every macro and more regional breweries getting on board.

Now almost every craft brewery has to jump on any and every bandwagon they see, no matter how dumb. And, with not just one version, but with several.

And how can an IPA be dry? IPA is supposed to be a full, aggressively flavored beer. If you want to make a dry beer, cool. Go for it. But call it a Brut Ale. There is already enough confusion about what IPA means or should mean. Brut IPA as a name is bullshit.