Scoats has a split personality about craft beer these days. After 20+ years in the biz, sometimes he’s a grumpy old man. Other times he’s still the passionate beer nerd he was 20+ years ago. Here you get a dose of both.

Grumpy Old Man: Can of Lemon Meringue Berliner Weisse

Being a rare person who buys a bunch of kegs of beer every week, I get a good number of samples.

Some samples are gone from my home fridge in a few days, others sit a while. A 16oz can of Lemon Meringue Berliner Weisse, from an out-of-town brewery that tries to catch every trend, was one of those sitters.

I didn’t really need another beer that night after enjoying two bottles of La Chouffe, but I wasn’t tired, so why not try one of the beers I’d been avoiding. If I dump it, fine, I wasn’t grabbing another beer anyway. And who knows, it might be good, or even great.

As terrible as expected. Actually even worse. They did succeed in recreating pie in a glass; I have to give them credit there. Not good pie, but pie in a glass. It was their attempt at recreating crust flavor that I couldn’t bear. Vanilla + Berliner = yuck.

Do people actually want this kind of stuff?

Happy Beer Nerd: Three 3’s Evolution Ten

Three 3’s brewer/co-owner Mike Geller and I were at a party together. Naturally he brought beer.

He was excited for me to try Evolution Ten. “Evolution” is a series of single-hopped beers that Three 3s produces. Ten featured the new Zappa hop, named for the musician, natch.

What sold Mike on getting some Zappa hops were the tasting notes from the vendor: “passionfruit, mint, impulsive, purple.” What the heck does purple taste like? Mike was going to find out. And now I would too.

Wow, what an amazing beer! It danced with flavor. I don’t know if I picked up any purple flavors, but the fruit flavors with the mint made for a truly great glass of beer. Well, more than one great glass of beer.

Don’t go looking for Evolution Ten, it should all be gone by now. But do go find some Three 3s.

Scoats has run the Grey Lodge Pub, one of Philadelphia’s OG craft beer bars, in Mayfair for 20+ years