Scoats has a split personality about craft beer these days. After 20+ years in the biz, sometimes he’s a grumpy old man. Other times he’s still the passionate beer nerd he was 20+ years ago. Here you get a dose of both.

Grumpy Old Man: Can of Lemon Meringue Berliner Weisse

Being a rare person who buys a bunch of kegs of beer every week, I get a good number of samples.

Some samples are gone from my home fridge in a few days, others sit a while. A 16oz can of Lemon Meringue Berliner Weisse, from an out-of-town brewery that tries to catch every trend, was one of those sitters.

I didn’t really need another beer that night after enjoying two bottles of La Chouffe, but I wasn’t tired, so why not try one of the beers I’d been avoiding. If I dump it, fine, I wasn’t grabbing another beer anyway. And who knows, it might be good, or even great.

As terrible as expected. Actually even worse. They did succeed in recreating pie in a glass; I have to give them credit there. Not good pie, but pie in a glass. It was their attempt at recreating crust flavor that I couldn’t bear. Vanilla + Berliner = yuck.

Do people actually want this kind of stuff?

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