Scoats has a split personality about craft beer these days. After 20+ years in the biz, sometimes he’s a grumpy old man. Other times he’s still the passionate beer nerd he was 20+ years ago. Here you get a dose of both.

Grumpy Old Man Yells at Cloudy IPA

Five years ago this slop would be the sign of a bad brewery. Oh how things have changed. Throw in some lactose, “Madagascar” vanilla, and maybe some fruit that has no reason being in a beer and you got a $24 four-pack Instagramable hot mess that draws crowds of people eager to part with their money.

Curb Alert: I am told there are free lawn chairs up for grabs. And now we have hazy lagers and hazy winter wheat ales. Bah!

Recently I was mildly excited to try a hazy lager. I do like some New England IPAs a lot and I really like lagers. Good + good, right? Nope. If I was at home, this would have been a drain pour, a treat for the sewer rats. But I was out and it was noisy. The only way to get a bartender’s attention was to have any empty glass. I’m not enough of an asshat (yet) to pour it on the floor, so I had to choke it down.

Glad I only got a half-pint.

I had a hazy winter wheat ale from a brewery that makes a great weizenbock from time to time. But not this year. A sessionable version of their weizenbock could have been interesting. Instead we get a hazy winter wheat ale. It wasn’t awful, but it ain’t no weizenbock. Oh well. In this age of Untappd, we will probably never have to see it again.

Happy Beer Nerd: Love City Eraserhood North East IPA

Maybe I’m a hypocrite, but I like this beer a lot. This year-round cloudy IPA is no milkshake, like some other NEIPAs too, but this is one that is always available. 

Scoats has run the Grey Lodge Pub, one of Philadelphia’s OG craft beer bars, in Mayfair for 20+ years