Scoats has a split personality about craft beer these days. After 20+ years in the biz, sometimes he’s a grumpy old man. Other times he’s still the passionate beer nerd he was 20+ years ago. Here you get a dose of both.

Grumpy Old Man Yells at Cloudy IPA

Five years ago this slop would be the sign of a bad brewery. Oh how things have changed. Throw in some lactose, “Madagascar” vanilla, and maybe some fruit that has no reason being in a beer and you got a $24 four-pack Instagramable hot mess that draws crowds of people eager to part with their money.

Curb Alert: I am told there are free lawn chairs up for grabs. And now we have hazy lagers and hazy winter wheat ales. Bah!

Recently I was mildly excited to try a hazy lager. I do like some New England IPAs a lot and I really like lagers. Good + good, right? Nope. If I was at home, this would have been a drain pour, a treat for the sewer rats. But I was out and it was noisy. The only way to get a bartender’s attention was to have any empty glass. I’m not enough of an asshat (yet) to pour it on the floor, so I had to choke it down.

Glad I only got a half-pint.

I had a hazy winter wheat ale from a brewery that makes a great weizenbock from time to time. But not this year. A sessionable version of their weizenbock could have been interesting. Instead we get a hazy winter wheat ale. It wasn’t awful, but it ain’t no weizenbock. Oh well. In this age of Untappd, we will probably never have to see it again.